What’s coming up Tuesday night?

Tuesday night the Board will hear from Mr. Honnell and Mr. Hall about a timeline for the Superintendent search considering we will be doing an intensive national search using a professional consulting firm. I don’t know much more than that because the Open Meetings Act (OMA) only allows the School Board to discuss such details in public meetings. The OMA is a very good law, but it does make things such as simply getting on the same footing and figuring out how we will proceed with the Superintendent search a bit cumbersome. If the Board seems a little scrambled and is trying to do things on the fly, it is because we are! – State law requires this process be done in such a fashion. So come by and see things presented for the first time exactly as I will be seeing them.

Also Tuesday night, our new Board member, Nan Holmes will be sworn in by Judge Pat Casados. Sounds like a photo op if ever there was one.

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