New and Improved Superintendent Search

At the Board meeting Tuesday evening, Sept 16, the Board approved a general plan to move forward with the Superintendent search. The search will involve the contracting of a professional search consultant, and in my own opinion likely one that specializes in education administrators. There are currently two or three prongs for the immediate future that the community should be aware of:

1) The Board/District Office advertising for the professional search consultant. Our legal requirement is to make an effort to get three quotes on paper and we can chose from there. The Board is making a concerted effort to do more than that by detailing what we expect and/or asking the potential consultants what they can provide and at what cost.

2a) Involving the community – the District Office will be settingĀ  up a web site that gives information to the community on the status of the Superintendent search and the pertinent information they should know. Nan Holmes and I volunteered to work cohesively with the District Office to make this happen. Drafts of the Superintendent search timeline and Superintendent qualifications are likely to be some of the first documents to populate this web site.

2b) Involving the community – The Board will be proceeding with establishing the advisory committees that we discussed in the previous iteration of the Superintendent search. Now the committees themselves will determine their own chair (versus the Board President). All committee chairs will serve on an additional committee late this year or early next to help downsize the list of candidates

2c) Involving the community – The Board will schedule a series of town hall/open mic series of meeting for all community members to give their opinions and ideas/concerns to the Board. These forums will be announced as special Board meetings and there will be a quorum of the Board present to hear the communities input.

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