New Child Psychiatrist in Town

Nan Holmes is now the School Board representative to the JJAB Council. I also attended the part of the meeting on Wednesday night (Sept 17) because the JJAB Council was introducing a very important new member of our community.  Dr. Brian Haigh is the new child psychiatrist in town.

Dr. Haigh shared some interesting insight on counseling as well as various degrees of medication used in the profession.  One interesting comment made by Dr. Haigh is that he is already seeing “lots and lots of anxiety” and depression. Dr. Haigh also noted it is important to be able to “live, love, work and play”. If your mental health is impeding your ability to do any of those four things, it’s probably time to seek some help. Although his primary focus is children and adolescents, he is happy to see adults as well. Dr. Haigh is still working to be able to use Blue Cross/Blue Shield and hopes to have that worked out soon. Dr. Haigh’s training includes a child and adolescent fellowship at UNM, his adult psychiatry residency at University of Colorado, Denver and his medical degree is from Tulane University. Dr. Haigh can be reached at 505-412-7756 or

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