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State of Chamisa Address, Tuesday March 24, 6:00

Join School Board Vice President Matt Williams for an informative discussion about the current issues facing Los Alamos Public Schools. He will present information from the recent Budget Committee meetings and the 20 Year Facilities Plan. One important consideration is that within five months, the School Board will likely need to commit to which elementary school will be rebuilt and how that rebuild will affect the other school sites. Other topics that will be discussed are enrollment trends, out of District enrollment and other topics currently being discussed by the Budget Committee. The presentation on Tuesday will be followed with an open dialogue of how Chamisa Elementary School may fit into the potential scenarios that will be considered by the School District in the very near future. The discussion will take place Tuesday, March 24 at 6:00 PM in the Chamisa Gym. You may also contact Matt Williams directly at or the School Board at

It’s Budget time again


Well it’s that time to begin preparing for the 2015-2016 budget. The Budget Steering committee is beginning to meet in preparations to brief the Board at the February meeting. So what does this mean to all of you? Two things that I will discuss here, the first is what the process may look like and how you might be involved; the second is a more informative narrative about what this process really is (hint – it’s not a budget!).

So what do you as a community member probably want to know right now? The Board will be putting forth names for the Budget committee at the February meeting. They can put forth names of professional accountants who have a career in this area and/or the names of community members who have a stake in the outcome of the budget process. Both these categories are certainly relevant to this process. So if you want to be a part of this process please contact the School Board members and let them know.

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Ride the Bus Tomorrow Oct. 8

In my first several months on the School Board, I was asked to approve a $250,000 transfer of funds to cover a shortfall in the Transportation Department. WHAT?!?!? What’s going on with that? Subsequently I spent a considerable amount of time interacting¬† with then Transportation Director Keith Rosenbaum and CFO John Wolfe to understand why we had to pull money out of our precious lease funds to prop up what I thought should be a fundamental operation to our School District.

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